Best Setting For Apex Legends Mobile To Play Like A Pro 2022

Best Setting For Apex Legends Mobile :- Welcome back gamers to another apex legends mobile settings Guide and in this article, I’m provide you the best settings for apex legends mobile and also the best hud for the mobile version of the game so guys this is exactly what I’ve been testing and using since the launch of the game and it has worked tremendously I will go into as much detail as possibly can for you guys.

Best Setting for Apex Legends Mobile

Best Setting For Apex Legends Mobile

The game settings depend on the playstyle of a player. In this sense, there are no best settings for a game. But still, there are a few things set up which can improve the gameplay. Mostly, these will make sure that a player is getting the best and smooth experience from a game.

To access the settings, players should open the game and they will find the setting option from the bottom menu bar. Settings are located on the left corner of the lobby screen.

Basic Settings for Apex Legends Mobile

Basic Settings is the initial setting of a game. Divided into three parts namely the Firing, ADS, and Gyroscope Settings, the basic part has another portion namely the Advance Settings Options. For beginners, the Aim Assist should be turned on as they do not have a close-to-perfect aim. All the shooting options are recommended to set ‘Tap to fire’.

Step By Step Setup Basic Settings

Firing Tab Setting

Aim AssistOn
Bolt-action Sniper Firing ModeTap to Fire
Auto-ADS when using a Bolt-action SniperOn
Shotgun Firing ModeTap to Fire
One-tap ADS and FireOff
Secondary Fire ButtonOn

Ads Settings For Apex Mobile

ADS ModeTap
Quick ThrowOn
Scope ModeClassic Mode

Gyroscope Settings

Gyroscope ModeAlways On
Invert Vertical ControlOff
Invert Horizontal ControlOff

Advanced Settings Options

Weapon Auto-Cycle on EmptyOn
ADS Button Rotates CameraOn
Quick Optic SwitchOn
Permanent Melee DisplayOff
Tactical Ability release methodQuick
Continuous ThrowingOn
Ultimate Use MethodQuick

Step By Step Setup Gameplay Settings

Auto-Open DoorsOn
Ping ButtonOn
Double-tap the screen to pingOff
Map Radar AlertOn
Crosshair Radar AlertOn
Toggle between Third-Person/First-PersonOn

Movement Settings

Use the Crouch button to rotate the cameraOn
Climbing Control ModeClassic
Joystick triggers Auto-RunOn
Use the Jump button to rotate the cameraOn
Crouching ControlsTap

Advanced Settings Options

The advanced setting options for ‘Gameplay Settings’ are many. They are for providing quick help for the players. Turning these ON/OFF won’t impact your gameplay that much but you should consider the following if you aren’t a professional. These settings will give you an extra hand.

Auto-Open ChestsOn
Auto-Ping itemsOff
Auto-Ping EnemiesOn
Left Ping ButtonOff
Quick PingOn
Ability screen shake effectOn
Quick PingPP*
Ping Info CapacityDefault
Attachment BackpackOn (Set important items only)
Smart Healing Item RecommendationOn
Toggle to use Healing ItemsOn
Continuously use Health ItemsOff
Continuously use Shield BatteryOn
Vertical Zipline Interact ButtonOn
Vertical Zipline Direction TipsOn
Zipline Button SettingsDisplay
Riding on Zipline ModesDouble Tap
Direction when riding on Vertical ZiplineOrientation
Allow Left Shoulder CameraOff
Minimap RotationOff
Enable Autoplay for Squadmates after going offlineOn

Sensitivity, Control, and Sound Settings

Each player has a distinct playstyle. According to one’s preference, they need to choose the control settings and the matching sensitivity according to their control. Play some matches to try different sensitivities and set one as you need. However, an overall sensitivity is given below.

Overall Sensitivity

Rotation ModeSpeed ACC
Sensitivity AdjustmentOn
Overall SensitivityCustom (Try several numbers for each)
FPP Free Camera (Focus)Off
TPP Free Camera (On)On
Free Camera (Focus)200%
Sensitivity Acceleration100%

For the sound settings, always try to set the sound high for interface effects, gun sounds, enemy’s footsteps, etc. while a low sound is recommended for less important things such as Background Music. Good communication among teammates increases the chance to succeed. So, the voice sound should be kept at a higher level.

Pickup Settings

Auto pickup is a useful feature. But players need to set the limit for each item according to their need when playing. So, we didn’t put any exact numbers of items so that the players can set them to match their needs.

When the pickup list is closed, stop Auto-PickupOn
Hide pickup list during combatOn
Auto-Pickup IntervalShort
Hold to toggle intervalShort

Display Settings

A higher frame rate means a smoother experience. So, always select the highest frame rate option as per your device’s capability. However, high graphics quality puts more pressure on a device’s GPU, causing fluctuations in frame rate. You can try to keep the graphics quality low. But, if your device can handle the framerate smoothly while on higher graphics, you can go for that so you can experience great animations and game graphics.

Basic Display Settings

Image QualityAs per the device’s capability
Frame Rate ControlHigh
Graphics Style (Post Effect)Vivid
Non-standard Screen UI AdjustmentsRecommended setting
Adaptive SmoothingOn

Advanced Settings Options

Apex Legends Mobile Settings Guide
Image via EA

Turning ‘Off’ shadows will provide a higher framerate along with an advantage to spot enemies easily.

Dynamic ShadowsOff

Battle Feedback

Damage Numbers Display ModeBoth
Battle InfoFollow Crosshair
Damage CrosshairTarget Crosshair w/ Shield Icon
Incoming Damage Feedback3D Icon

Give these settings a try and if you are finding trouble, you can refer to this Best Setting For Apex Legends Mobile guide at any time to learn all about the new settings and sensitivities present in the game. We hope this setting guide will help you to experience easy gameplay without getting a hassle. If this constant really help you the checkout our more blogs and don’t forget to join our telegram for more upcoming interesting contant.

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